fastharry.com HPI Pro 4 with Novak Bruhless

fastharry.com HPI Pro 4 with Novak Bruhless

This is our HPI PRO 4. It has been converted to Hara specs and is using Novak brushless (4.5) power and team Orion Li-Po packs. Despite being 5 years old, this car runs very well, and is still competitive against all Hpi Pro 4 with Novak Brushless 4.5current cars on the market.

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4 comments to fastharry™ HPI Hara Edition PRO 4 Touring Car

  • yaktork

    Do you still sell this car?
    Thank you

    • fastharry.com

      Actually, we are still racing the car and it still runs with the top cars of today…When we offer it for sale it will be listed in the for sale section…

  • T.Patola

    While You were runnin this hpi pro4, did you have any problems with bewel gears ? I can’t getrid of this problem, they all crushed under BL, but brushed wery weaker was riding good

    • fastharry.com

      None….I shimmed the bevel gear a shade tight, greased them with Losi white grease (the silicone, not the ball diff stuff) and ran them….I ran the Pro4 from 2004 until 2008 and still have the original gears in it…

      I still have the car and plan to run it in RC/GT open class at Critters RC in Fairview NJ in the coming months…

      What BL motor are you running in it?

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