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Vintage Tamiya Nissan R91CP #58109 Electric Radio Control Racing Kit

This classic Tamiya kit is one of our personal favorites. Tamiya introduced the Nissan r91CP #58109 car in 1993 and it has become very hard to find a kit in this condition, especially new in the box as this one is.

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5 comments to Vintage Tamiya Nissan R91CP #58109 Electric Radio Control Racing Kit

  • Ive got a r91cp brand new in box. If you have a use for it ill sell it for a good price id rather someone have it whos going to take care of it and keep it in its current condition let me know if your interested (2-22-2011)

  • Charles

    Can I still get parts for this? I have one and got it going again and wants to race it stress free lol. I put a sponge front bumper on it because back in the day I crashed it and broke an A arm. Now I lost screws from the rear end and want to keep to going, thanks.

    • fastharry.com

      Yes, you can still get parts for it…EBAY is your best bet. But, we don’t know if we would as that could get expensive. If you just want to run it around that is one thing. If you want to race it locally with a club, you would be better off buy the Tamiya re-release which comes with a pre painted body and newer chassis version…or getting a modern race chassis from Tamiya or someone else and buying the re-release body separate. Let us know your intentions and we will help guide you. Thanks for visiting fastharry.com.

  • Chuck

    Mark Hill…Do you still have that r91cp available?
    Please let me know.

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