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fastharry™ Kyosho MR-02 Ferrari Testarossa Mini-Z

fastharry™ Kyosho Mini z MR-02Ferrari Testarossa

This Kyosho Ferrari Testarossa Mini-Z MR-02 is was assembled and race tuned by the crew at It uses the Kyosho Testarossa body for a special reason. Kyosho Mini-Z’s allow adjustable track width front and rear and this body is one of the only ones that allows a 0 degree offset on the front track width and a 3 degree offset in the rear track width. The narrow track width in front allows the car to have more “steering” and the wider rear track helps keep the car stable under all conditions. Along with the shorter wheelbase, the car is very nimble through tight track sections and is very easy to drive fast. Most Mini Z’s feel very darty when driving while this one feels like a full size 1/10th scale touring car.

This Mini Z is currently configured to Mid-Motor 94mm wheelbase specs. To do this, we used an Atomic Alloy Motor pod (ver. III) part number AR-138-B. The car also features a Kyosho ball diff with ceramic balls in the diff.

The top suspension combines an Atomic AR 181 Adjustable rear shock set and PN Racing Carbon Multi length Disk Damper set.  An Atomic AR 183 DPS mount was also used to help give the damper assembly enough clearance with the motor pod alignment. The friction plates in the damper assembly are from PN racing and are made of low friction Delrin. The top spring is a a medium spring and no grease is used on the plates.

The front end combines a Atomic Ar242 Aluminum front tower assemble with lower Aluminum brace.  The car is currently configured with a 1 degree caster upper tower and a 1 degree toe-in PN Racing tie rod. Combined with Kyosho 2 degree camber knuckles, the front end delivers strength and stable driving while allowing enough cornering speed. The front springs are PN racing purple rate.

The tires and wheels consist of Atomic 3 degree offset wheels in back with Atomic 0 degree offset wheels in front. We use the solid white wheels as they allow visiblity on the track, especially  when combined with the bright orange body. Plus, it allows us to mark the wheels with info as to tire compound. The tires are PN racing RCP 8 degree radials in the rear with 10 degree PN slicks in front.

The motor powering this combo is a PN Racing stock 70 turn spec motor with a 7 tooth pinion.



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