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Vintage Kyosho Rocky 4wd Radio Control Kit #3101

This classic Kyosho  RC kit is one of our favorites. The Kyosho Rocky 4wheel drive was one of Kyosho’s chain drive series off road cars and it debuted in 1986. The chain drive was connected to two variable-ratio metal geared differentials. It was also unique as it offered a mid engine design, a first for Kyosho, for  a lower center of gravity and very neutral handling.

Also unique is its 3 shock racing suspension with 3 12 mm offroad shocks.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length:  15.7 inches
  • Width:    9.4 inches
  • Wheelbase: 10.6 inches
  • Ground Clearance: 1.4 inches
  • Racing Weight: 56 ounces

The pictures are a reminder of how RC cars used to be packaged and the kit is in excellent condition for its age.


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15 comments to Vintage Kyosho Rocky 4wd Radio Control Kit #3101

  • T. Peniston

    i need a instruction manual for a rocky 4wd


    Tried sending email, delivery blocked. Manual copies are available, please see Manuals page under tech section

  • Russell

    I live in the UK and am trying to replace my Kyosho Rocky 4wd. I sold mine about 16 years ago and wanted to get one for my son (well me to build anyway)… lol
    I can’t find any here in the UK and I loved my Rocky…..
    Does anyone make any sort of kit R/C car like this anymore, as I really enjoyed building the kits on christmas day after I opened my presents…
    I just want my son to enjoy this as much as I did.
    Sorry being all nostalgic here… lol


    Hi Russell,

    I think that is a terrific thought you had about building an RC with your son. And I will tell you what I would look at. I would look at the Tamiya Kits, as they offer some really cool buggy kits. And, here is the good part. Tamiya is re issuing many of their original kits from the 80’s and 90’s, so your son would have a really great tome building a kit from the same era that you enjoyed….

    Here is a link from Tower Hobbies….

    I would take a look at the Buggy Champ, the Hotshot, or any of the other re-issues……

    Let me know what you think, or if you have any other questions I can help with…

    Best Regards for a joyous holiday season,


  • Tim

    I have a used rocky. I just rediscovered it my parents loft and i too are rebulding with my son. I am just missing a steering arm and drive shaft. it works fine apart from that. Ihave the box and instructions. Interested?

    Let me know if you are.

    Kind regards


  • Russell

    Hi tim, I would be very interested if you want to send me an email at
    It may sound weird to some people, but messing around with R/C cars was probably the best time I can remember in my childhood….. lol
    Building kits, learning how things work, painting the shells, racing them around the garden and park……. ahhhh memories…. lol
    Just think my boy would love to do the same thing as he wants to know how everything works…
    Thanks Tim and thanks Harry for the advice….

  • Sam

    I just resurrected mine after all these years. Had to get new battery pack and charger. Two of the rims (whatever material they’re made of) got really brittle and fell apart. Luckily, i still have my Raider 2wd so replaced them and its just how i remembered, super fast! Its got a beefed up motor and electronic speed controller that i bought back then so im sure that helps.
    As fast as i think it is, im sure the rc technology of today will smoke my rocky.. How come i dont see any chain driven 4wd rc’s btw?…


      Cool that you got the Rocky going…..and yes, anything today, esp with Brushless, will smoke the Rocky…but then again, anything today will smoke an RC car from just 10 years ago…esp. when it comes to racing.

      Some of the modern stuff is amazing with it is built to handle these high torque brushless motors and Li-Po batteries. The reason they went from chain drive?…It was very inefficient…and they would always stretch and skip. Belts and shaft drive are way better.

  • Sunil Thundathil

    Hello Sir,

    I have an old Kyosho Rocky 4 wheel drive for sale. It has been in storage and it does not run. Is there anyone who might be interested in buying it. Needs Battery, Radio and speed controller.

  • Tedd

    I am interested, how much?

  • Nick

    I am trying to get me old rocky going again….think I just need new battery (and possibly charger if replacement battery is NiCad. Question….where can I get NiCad replacement from (then I guess I can use old charger and speed controller etc???



      Here’s the problem Nick…No one makes or uses Nicad packs…everyone moved to NI-Mh (nickel metal hydride) packs in the 90’s…They still make these packs and you can use a 7.2 volt 6 cell stick pack in the Rocky. Two problems. You need a NI-MH charger (they are cheap) and the cells are a wee bit larger than the ni cads were. So a large capacity stick might be a tight squeeze. We suggest hitting up your local hobby shop and take the Rocky with you. One other problem is the wiper ESC if it has one might not be be prepared to buy a modern ESC (electronic speed control)..

      Any other questions, ask away….Thanks for visiting our site…

  • Ash Hills

    I have a koyosho rocky awd I’m thinking of selling needs a few little bits to finish one being speed controller

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