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Vintage Tamiya Fiat Abarth Berlina Corsa #58158 Electric Radio Control Car kit

This classic Tamiya Fiat Abarth Berline Corsa #58158 is a very rare Tamiya Remote Control Racing kit and is very hard to find “new in the box” as this one is.  It used a Tamiya M-02 chassis and the body is a replica of the Fiat 600 after it was given the racing “treatment” by Carlo Abarth who was an Italian tuning legend. It has a 4 wheel independent suspension and a coilover monoshock supension.

  • width 168mm
  • length 374mm
  • height 130mm
  • wheel base 210mm
  • tread front 134mm
  • tread rear 134mm
  • weight 1320g
  • front tire 25/55mm, M-chassis 55D slicks
  • rear tire 25/55mm, M-chassis 55D superslicks Tamiya_Fiat_Abarth_Berline_Corsa at fastharry.comTamiya_Fiat_Abarth Side_View
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