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Vintage Kyosho 1/10th scale Peanut 09 Nitro Dune Buggy from 1976 Very Rare!!

This is one of the rarest cars in our collection and is probably one of the last in existence. The classic Kyosho Peanut 09 Dune Buggy was the first  radio control car manufactured with a nitro fuel engine a reversing function.  This car was Kyosho’s first entry level 1/10th scale car and is a classic in every sense of the word. It uses an Enya or OS .09 motor and has onboard cooling from the belt driven fan located on top of the engine.

It also features 4 wheel independent suspension with incredibly detailed wheels considering what year it was manufactured. Take note of the plastic body and die cast aluminum parts.

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24 comments to Vintage Kyosho 1/10th scale Peanut 09 Nitro Dune Buggy from 1976 Very Rare!!

  • Keith

    How rare?????? I have a built one with box and extra parts. Has OS FP10. Oh and the I believe a Blue Max Radio


    we know these are very rare, especially new in box as this one is.

    • Anonymous

      I have one new in box never been assemble or put together…I’m selling it if anyone interested email me (1976 kyosho peanut 09) it is very rare so I’m looking for top$$$

      Hi Guys…here is someone that wants to sell one…..Let us know and we will give you his email address…THANKS!…the crew…

  • Rico Led

    I had one when I was a young teen. It was slow and didn’t last – the drive train used 2 rubber bands on a pulley system (no gears) with one band twisted so that the pulley turned in the opposite direction. Had lots of slip and too heavy for the motor. But it was my first nitro car and I loved it!

  • Paul T.

    Hi there,
    I just stumbled onto your site and am glad i did – i just nicked all the pics of your magnificent RS4 in STUNNING Mini Cooper livery – I live in Birmingham and although i’m not PROUD of how the industrial revolution turned out there are some things that still give me – if you’ll excuse the vernacular – a true shit-eating grin :o)))

    I stumbled because I’m trying to find something i didn’t have as a kid – the ‘one that got away’…
    1978, i was aged 11 going on 12 – and a friend of the family had an original Kyosho Landjump to impress his three sons – who weren’t impressed cos it wasn’t something they could ride on (they had motorbikes) or beat the crap out of (they did martial farts :o) BUT… i had a practical mind and i got roped in to give hands (holding the thing down) when he tried firing it up with a manifold made of epoxy putty – trying to mate an engine (no idea what, sorry:o) with an exhaust that wasn’t meant for it…

    The guy was a top mechanic in his army days – a Polish POW who stayed in England cos he could make business here – and was well shot of all the nasty stuff going down over where he grew up…

    Bloody exhaust nearly hit me square in the face when it flew off – but it spun round a few times before that so i had a tenth of a second warning!!! :o))))
    He was laughing his head off – and i got praise for not letting go of the beast when it happened – it was under at least half throttle and i was such a slight kid that i had to lean most of my weight on the car just to keep it steady on the block! – which meant i was REAL close to the engine!! :o)

    Obviously I wanted something like it – the guy (Jimmy was his preferred name – his real one was both unspellable and unpronouncable) was all for me getting what I now call a ‘Nitro’ car – cos he knew electrics at that time were crap unless you took the time to become an expert with batteries and motors – but he didn’t really explain that so well and me and my mum just thought it was his ‘power-crazed’ preference…

    So!… the punchnotline… we, being me and me mum, went to look in a local shop that stocked a few models and i was presented with the cheapest thing on the shelf – yeah we were broke as could be and it was only because xmas was pending that mum was willing at all.

    The car was stupidly simple, being just (to my eye, then and now)a flat aluminium plate with four wheels and a tiny engine bolted to it… mum said “All that money for just THAT???” and I actually agreed with her – so we went elsewhere and for xmas that year i got… get ready for this now…

    … a Tamiya XR311… i know – i found one on thEbay a couple o weeks ago and i laughed my hed off – i really had forgotten how utterly CRAP the design was! thing was on its arse as it were – suspension had broke and i got reminded that mine ended up exactly the same – after I’d fried the battery and run times had gone down to 30 seconds at a snail pace :o))) YES i’m laughing at my ineptitude!!!

    Secondary school took over and I lost interest in models for ages…

    I didn’t learn to drive a car until 5 or 6 years ago, been a cyclist all my life, but when i did, after a few months i suddenly thought ‘HEY! I could have SO much fun if i had a fuelly CAR too!!’ – so i had a look on thEbay to see if i could find a bargain…

    Thankfully I bought myself a Nitro Rustler for not a lot of money – and I haven’t looked back since – although circumstances meant i had to leave what had become quite a stable of cars behind in a move a couple of years ago – too much to say so i won’t and, I’m currently re-amassing some oily, smelly puppies to have fun with – and to take the best care of i can.

    Have to say, if there was a lifetime achievement award for nitro cars, surely the Rustler would get it – gotta be the finest car to get as a first timer – ever…?

    So… my purpose (other than the hope that you like the tale :o) is… WHAT might that car that i DIDN’T get have been???
    It had a Mini body on it (hence my google search criteria leading me to your ‘vintage Mini nitro rc”)… so far Mardave seems to be the most likely candidate but any suggestions would be gratefully acknowledged…

    If you’ve read all this then i thank you,

    I’m off to peruse the rest of your site!


    (that’s my eBay handle:o)


      great story!…If you want to copy and paste it on the Mini Cooper page, feel free…we will delete this comment when you do so! thanks for visiting the site!

  • adam

    wow how amazing I have got 1 of these siting next to me juts in the middle of restoring it

  • adam

    I did not relize how old or rear is was

  • adam

    yes it dose have the 09 engine with it this thing is mint even the body and shell is mint It has all the original stickers i have even got the box it came in that’s in good condition to I have all most finished rebuilding the motor it looks brand new…how much wood one of these be werth??? I can send you some photos if you like me to??


      well, the problem is, not a lot of RC guys are collecting any more…and even fewer even know what the peanuts is..

      The last one we saw on EBAY did around 300 bucks…but that was a year ago and the economy is worse now..

  • adam

    I found one on Ebay last night for $1500 buy sure if I found the right person thay would pay top $.

    im guessing you would no how to start one of these ??

    I live in new Zealand
    where are you from?

  • adam

    do you have the manual for this rc?

  • adam

    if soo could you send me a copy

  • Doogie

    I have this peanut 09 for sale on eBay. You guys may want to check it out. You will be surprised on how much I’m selling

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