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Vintage Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor Snowcat with Plow (orange wheel edition)

Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor With Plow

This vehicle is For Sale$1300.00



The 1/12th  Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor was the first in the line up of treaded tractors that Kyosho started producing in the mid 1980’s. The Blizzard in our collection is a rarity as it comes with the orange wheels that were on the first edition tractors.

The Blizzards From Kyosho (in Germany they were marketed and known as the Graupner Pistenbully) had 5 rubber tired road wheels per side in orange color (later DX versions had white wheels) plus an idler wheel. They were direct gear drive and came standard with 380 sized motors that were upgradable to a more powerful 400 series motor. The chassis was a monocoque  tub design that was water resistant and nicely sealed.

The DX’s also came with plows that could be operated through a 3th channel on the receiver, and a light kit.  Our kit is in excellent condtion and remains one of our favorites. Also,take a look at the next series in the line up, the Kyosho Heavy Metal Car Crusher Tank.

Click on the thumbnails to see the Blizzard full size.      Click to read Blizzard DX test from Model Cars magazine

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6 comments to Vintage Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor Snowcat with Plow (orange wheel edition)

  • James m.

    Seeking some blizzard dx parts, graupner #4986.8 specifically. My searching is coming up completely empty. If you can help me any way, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated!! My blizzard sits wanting, it needs brought back to life! Any information is desired, please help…

  • James m.

    That’s the one! What I’m searching for is on the front set of wheels. The part is #4986.8, front swingarm brackets. It’s a graupner part, produced for Kyosho. But yes, that is the exact model I am looking to repair.


      thats gonna be a tough one…We would do a search on EBAY with that part number…after you do that hit the save search button at the top..this way EBAY will send you an email when that part is listed..saves a lot of time checking manually…we would also do a “Blizzrd DX” search and save that…this way you see all parts just in case the lister doesn’t put the part number in the ad…and then we would do the same searches but check the box on the left that says worldwide…and save those 2 searches…this way you have all bases covered….

      They will pop up…we have seen them for sale…

      And keep in mind that the Blizzard DX’s show up complete….we saw some going for under 100…might pay to do a “kyosho Blizzard DX” search and save that too….you could pick up the entire unit and have plenty of parts…

  • Mark Mcdonald

    Do you have a GP version for sale?


      Hi Mark….

      Kyosho did not make an early Nitro version…and to be honest, owning the GP version that is on our site, you would be better off buying a current year GP kit from Kyosho so parts are readily available.

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