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What you should bring to the RC (Radio Control) Racing Track

This article was written by Glenn Cauley ( and used with permission), an RC racer who is a great guy. Glenn is into Motorcycle racing now, but I have found this article to be invaluable in prepping for an RC race. It was written about 8 years ago and  I have also added a few things as time went by, and you are welcome to add items in comments and I will amend the article.


Important RC Items

Car – ready to race

Car – ready to race

Batteries – race packs, receiver packs, transmitter batteries

Battery charger – with all proper connectors (don’t forget Lipo leads)

Power supply


Extra crystal sets

Body clips – for body and transponder

Car stand

Pit towels

Instruction manuals – for car, transmitter, ESC, equipment, and so on

Power bar

Table, chair, tent, Radio





Fuel bottle, fuel gun


Glowdriver – with spare battery

Glowplug wrench

Starter box

Extra fuel tubing

Tuning Parts

CAR PARTS – diffs, swaybars, pulleys, shocks, tires

Gears – pinions, spurs, clutch

Clutches & parts, and so on

Shock springs

Tuning Guide (“xxx main” has a great one in addition to the MFG guide you might have)

Spare Parts




Bodies (and spare wings)


Diff balls

Hinge pins

Pivot balls


Setup Tools

Setup system

Camber gauge

Droop gauges

Ride height gauge

Tweak bar

Toe gauge

Setup wheels

Flat setup board

Setup sheets & notes

Hand Tools


Allen wrenches

Nut drivers



Lexan scissors


Calipers – digital preferred

Side cutters

X-Acto knives

Body reamer

Metal ruler

Small paintbrush

Old tooth brush

Scothbrite pads


Power Equipment


Tire truer

Comm lathe

Motor dyno

Laptop computer

Dremel tool – with appropriate


Power supply

Automotive battery


CA glue – medium and fast

CA debonder

Threadlock – medium (242 blue)

Traction compound – commercial

brands, WD40, suntan lotion, and so

Motor spray

Shoo Goo

Comm drops

Bushing/bearing oil

Diff tube/grease

Diff fluid

Degreaser/cleaner (esp for your hands)

Rubbing alcohol/nailpolish remover

Denature alcohol/methyl hydrate

Shock oil

Neoprene cement – for repairing

chunked foam tires

Contact cement

JB Weld

5-minute epoxy

After run oil

Orange Sealant for the diffs

Support Equipment (Electric & Nitro)

Soldering iron/station – with extra tips


Solder sucker,desolder braid


Spare connectors – battery bars, connectors, wire

Motor rebuild parts – brushes, springs, shims, and so on

Motor stand

Electrical tape

Discharge tray

Discharge bulbs – with cutoff device if possible

Brush hool alignment tool

Digital multimeter

Temperature gauge

Supporting Equipment (Miscellaneous)

Pit towels

Zip ties

Zip tie mounts, for organizing wiring

Extension cords

Power bar

Servo tape


Note book

Pen, pencil, marker (sharpie commercial works great for marking tires)

Fibre tape

Shop towels (paper)

Shop rags (cloth)

Zip lock bags

Elastic bands

Compressed air, air tank with hose

Personal Items

Drinks …don’t forget water!

Food – things that can stay out without going bad

Facecloth – for long days outside in hot weather

Towels – clean towels you won’t use on your cars, only on yourself

Sunscreen – before a long outdoor main / DON’T put it on your forehead!

Glasses / sunglasses

Hand cleaner

Earplugs – mostly for gas races … personal preference

Cooler – for drinks, food, nitro fuel (in a separate cooler, please!)

Hats (or headband to stop sweat dripping in your eyes)

Gloves – for marshaling

Pit apron

Welding hat (with long back to cover neck)

Pitman – never leave home without a good pitman


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