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fastharry™ HPI R40 HARA Edition Nitro Touring RC Car HPI0816 (HPI Challenge car)

fastharry.com HPI Challenge Cars..r40, EVO3 and Super Nitro

This is one hard charging RC Car, an  HPI Hara Edition R40 nitro touring car maxed out with a slew of rare options!  Hand built by the crew at fastharry.com and powered by an RB motor, it features HPI option parts that were only available in the Japanese market, and goes beyond what the normal Hara edition car offered.

The car also features alloy shocks, Boca Bearing yellow seal ceramic ball bearings, lightweight 2 speed transmission, titanium screw set and a “vented” and cross drilled rear disc brake which was machined and not stamped. Also take note that the brake linkage is connected by a ball and cup where it attaches to the the rear brake arm. Not many people do this (instead they use a pass through wire through a hole in the arm) but it really allows the slop in the linkage to be taken up and gives a very positive brake action. The car weighs around 1750 grams fueled and with body.

Check out the rear sway bar system and the other alloy hop-ups. Also, notice the Hard Racing Shark exhaust system, which is almost indestructible in the hard charging nitro touring world. The RB motor is a standard 3 port non turbo plug motor. We feel that non- turbo plug motors show little speed difference versus a turbo plug  motor, and are easier to keep in tune. This car starts easily and maintains a great idle and although it is not as fast as some other high powered motors, it has great consistency to keep running throughout a long A main feature with no flame outs or overheating.

We typically run a Protoform Mazda 6 body as it offers a perfect balance that complements the cars neutral set-up. In the HPI Challenges we run a HPI Suzuki Escudo body as you see in the picure.

Despite having been discontinued by HPI, it is still extremely competitive against all other touring cars in production today and has placed in the A main at every HPI Challenge we have attended. We have applied a standard set-up to the car as follows:

  • 50 weight shock oil front and rear.
  • #3 position on shock pistons.
  • Ride height rear 6 mm, front 5mm
  • 30,000 weight in the rear differential, 70,000 weight in the front.
  • 2 degrees camber in front with 1 degree toe-out
  • 3 degrees camber in rear, with 3 degrees toe-in
  • Optional 4 gear rear differential.
  • Standard camber as per kit set-up.
  • Medium shock springs front and rear.
  • Middle gear ratios.
  • 37 shore tires front, 40 shore tires in rear.



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