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The Crew At Loves Ron Ananian The Car Doctor

The crew loves to race on the weekends but sometimes we are stuck in the shop doing other things that need to be done. Either way, our day goes much easier if we have music playing but that changes when our favorite radio show hits the airwaves on Saturday and Sunday. The Car Doctor with Ron Ananian is a very entertaining car repair show, especially when you love cars as we do. Ron answers questions from callers and covers all aspects of automobile repair. The difference with Ron, and what makes the show entertaining, is the fact that Ron does this without a computer knowledge base in front of him. With over 20 years experience, it seems like Rons got a PC in his head. This really keeps the show flowing smoothly and it becomes really entertaining when you know a caller is trying to stump him with a question and without batting an eye, Ron answers the question.

As well as covering auto repair, Ron does great interviews with qualified people in the automobile field, from a head honcho at General Motors to his latest interview with NHRA funny car driver Jack Beckman, Rons got the field covered.

You can hear The Car Doctor live on WOR AM Radio on Saturdays in NY from 3-4 PM EST and Sunday Mornings from 10-11 AM EST.  Worldwide, The Car Doctor is heard on over 160 syndicated stations, here is the list.

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3 comments to The Crew At Loves Ron Ananian The Car Doctor

  • I, too, revel in the outpouring of vehicle repair Nirvana emanating from the brainlet of the incomparable Ron Ananian; known to his intimate friends as Ron Ananian.

    I have, at times, shuddered in abject horror and revulsion when Ron has gone a tirade of product endorsement with his seemingly never-ending touting of a product(s) akin to the mealy mouthed blubberiness of those akin to Rush Limbaugh who, in order to maximize their income will tout anything.

    I have noticed that the Ron Ananian entity has toned down the “product placement;” perhaps due to advice from advisers and/or listeners who were growing as annoyed as I to the point I had ceased tuning in to Ron’s show due to the weariness of hearing those seemingly ceaseless tirades for a product, constant apparently never-ending mentioning of a product and the once seemingly ceaseless interviews with people involved with the selling/distribution/marketing of those mentioned-too-much various products.

    Hopefully Ron Ananian will refrain from the constant product placement/ads he forced us to endure in the not-too-distant past.

    Yes, Ron needs ads but not using the off-putting manner/method of the recent past that led to my shunning his show for months until he altered that ploy.


    Hi Obbop..

    We read your reply with great interest. We are long time listeners of Ron and noticed what you are saying. But, we don’t deem it unusual as Ron is certainly not the only person on the planet to like certain brands or products and use “branding” on a show. Business is business and we don’t care where you look, from Hollywood to New York, everyone has product placement on their show, movie or telecast.

    That being said, we have visited Ron’s shop and can tell you that he uses the products he endorses or talks about.

    But In the interest of fairness, we have forwarded your comments to him and we await a reply.

    BTW, We visited your website. You do seem to exhibit a certain amount of crankiness. We hope this is not clouding your judgement or opinion of Ron or anyone else in the media.


      HI…WE have received Ron’s Reply..Here it is..

      To Fastharry and Crew,

      Thanks for forwarding this post from one of your “fast harry” surfers. It is interesting to say the least.

      People are a funny bunch. If something they like is taken away they scream foul. If that same item; radio show, TV show or sports team does something they don’t like they let you know; usually in a hurry. And that’s all right too. I suppose the show is just as much theirs as it is mine; although I have never thought of it as something more than info I carry around in my head. To me it’s not big deal; you see even after 20 years of radio I still fix cars EVERY day; getting my hands dirty and sweating the details with my other 2 mechanics. I’ve always said the day I stop repairing cars is the day I stop radio; without the hands on then yes, I am nothing more than a talking head on radio; good lord knows there are enough of them already.

      As to the comments and concerns about “product placement”. I know I don’t HAVE to answer to this but feel I must. Truth is every product I personally voice is something I believe in and/or have used prior to their advertising. Where do you think the idea to use them as an advertiser comes from? Fact is the radio show is currently #1 in the country by size of affiliates and reach; we are selective in what and who we put on air and products we represent. MY credibility is everything to me and how I represent that to the listeners is priority. Bottom line; if we say it’s good, it is based on personal experience or research. It’s not a random placement.

      At the end of the day radio is a business; if I wasn’t so selective in advertisers by now I would have been retired and sitting on a white beach somewhere; trust me I am not getting rich by doing radio; I don’t know of too many techs my age still working the trenches 5 days a week; running a business and crew; then on Saturday spending the day in NYC doing a nationally syndicated radio show.

      Some people are bothered by success of others and I think at times it shows



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