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Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 with Parma 56 Ford body and Thorp Options


fastharry.com Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle with parma 56 Ford body

This vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 electric RC Car was released in 1986 and has been in our possession since being purchased new in 1987. It features all the “hot” options that were available at that time with the addition of a Novak 610 RV Electronic Speed Controller in 1990. It has been on display since 1990 and still runs great whenever we test it.

Some of the options on this truck are the Thorp chassis stiffener ( the upper black tubes that run to the front shock tower), the Thorp rear sway bar system with blue anodized plates, and the Thorp adjustable motor mount system that allowed the use of different size pinion gears. Also noteworthy are the fiberglass front shock tower with chassis/bumper brace mounted below the tower. The truck is powered by an “old school” Tamiya rx 540 SD technipower motor that has adjustable timing.

The body is a PARMA 56 ford body which is still in great condition despite its age. Overall, the Monster Beetle is in great shape and is still an eye catcher.


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2 comments to Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 with Parma 56 Ford body and Thorp Options

  • oscar

    i think i have a Vintage Tamaya monster beetle that my unkle pass down to me. well he tried to make some changes to it and end up losing the controller, the battery pack and the body. and i need to know if you have these that you can sell to me because i’m really want to see these baby run. please let me know.

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