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fastharry™ 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod Build Project Car

If you see this, there ain't no runnin away

The American Graffiti 1955 Chevrolet Hot Rod Project Build is complete and we thought you would like to see pictures and video of this three year project . This 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod has been a work in progress for over 3 years. Bob Falfa would have loved this car, John Milner would be runnin’, that’s for darn certain. Check out the next page for great pictures and videos.

For starters, this car is a ground up restoration that started with an original 32,000 mile car that had not been driven since 1962. It has been totally rebuilt, modified and improved from the frame up and is being powered by a 545 horsepower (at the dyno, 6200 RPM, 495 ft pounds of torque) small block 383 stroker Chevrolet motor. The motor was hand assembled using American parts (NO Chinese parts) from top manufacturers.

The body has over 2000 hours of labor in it and is as smooth as glass. The tolerances on the body parts are tighter than most production cars built today, every piece fits perfectly.  All the trim pieces on the body have been restored to better than new condition.

Almost every piece on this car is either brand new, NOS, or has been upgraded to modern specs and when we say that, we mean it. Even the speedometer housing and parts have been refurbished, right down to new lenses for the indicators. The car has fully functioning heat, clock and gauges.


We have been getting questions about the wheel and tires. The rear springs were moved inboard and the rear tires and wheels that you see on the car are a shade over 10 inches wide.


Click on the thumbnails to see this beauty.











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11 comments to 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod Build Project Car

  • ?

    Where are the radius wheel wheels? thats half the look of the car


      we thought of that also..We decided not to chop the car up as it is an original 38,000 mile car and was really clean in the panels.

  • That is an amazing looking car. There is nothing like taking a old hot rod and turning it into a totally rebuilt American classic.


      thanks…..we have put over 300 miles on it already just cruisin’ to the car shows locally. It really runs well. And the ride is unbelievable. With the headers closed it is quieter than most of today’s production cars due to the heavy insulation we used in the passenger compartment. With the headers open, it is a beast. We have not felt acceleration like that in second and third gear unless we are in one of our crews z06…literally puts you back in the seats…HARD. Thanks again for stopping by…

  • Eric

    THAT is the most BEAUTIFULL car I have EVER seen, I can’t get over the detail you put into the original look of the interior, the seats, the dash and ESPECIALLY the steering wheel, very nice

  • Steve B

    Man, what a ride! Thanks for the great pictoral documentation of the restoration. Few know the time, energy, $$, and at times frustration that go into a project like that. The engine/exhaust sound is out of this world! Two thumbs up …. outstanding job! The end results were definately worth the work!


      Thanks Steve!


      thanks for those nice words….We will have an update on what has trasnpired since we built the car and put 1000 miles on it….including a review of the manufacturers that really don’t support there products…Brodix and Tilton starter are 2 at the top of our list.

  • Russ Stambaugh

    Is the hood steel or fiberglass if it’s steel was the hood scoop fabricated or purchased.awesome 55 by the way I would build it a bedroom on my house.

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