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Vintage Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 RC Car #58053

Vintage Tamiya Road Wizard

This vintage 1/10th scale Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 electric RC car (#58053) is one of the favorites in our collection.  We purchased it from a fellow RC’er in Hawaii in 2008 and we are glad we did. He took really great care of it and it shows in the photo’s.Tamiya introduced the Road Wizard in March of 1986 and it was an instant hit. It featured a mono shock rear suspension and a Mabuchi 540 style motor. A true pan car, it was easy to drive despite being 2 wheel drive and weighing 980 grams. It was also one of the first kits to have foam style tires instead of the traditional rubber tires featured on other Tamiya kits. Breaking from tradition, it also featured a lexan body, in fact, it came with 2 bodies included so you could choose between 2 different liveries. The John Player Special livery was the hot ticket, but you could also build it as the Road Warrior in white. The kit also included 2 separate decal sheets for each livery.

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6 comments to Vintage Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 RC Car #58053

  • Oh man, great looking Wizard! That was my first on-road car back in the late 80s. I got it just as the F-102s came out!

  • Danos Elezoglou

    iam interesting for tamiya f1 rc formula

  • Craig

    anyone know where I could find parts for one. I still own the original road wizard that I bought in 1986. The gear set is trashed and that is the only thing keeping me from still running it.

    • fastharry.com

      Hi..We would definitely check EBAY…there are road wizard parts up there all the time. Here’s a little secret no everyone knows. If you search for spmething, say “Tamiya Road Wizard”…you can hit the link at the top of the page where it says “save Search”. Ebay will then send you an email each day when new parts show up for sale. This way you don’t have to constantly check. This is also great when you have a specific part number in mind.

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