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fastharry.com HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car (HPI Challenge Car)

fastharry.com HPI Challenge Cars-Super Nitro, r40 and EVO 3

We thought you might like to see some pictures of our very special HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car. This car has been raced in every HPI Challenge whenever the Challenge had a class for Super Nitro, and has qualified in almost every A main. The only exceptions we can remember it not being in the A-main was the Englishtown Challenge in 1999 and the World Finals in Las Vegas. Both of these times we were in the B Main though.


The car was built with the HPI Challenge in mind and has not been used for any other type of racing events. It features many great options parts that were designed to produce maximum durability so it could withstand the rigors of hard Super Nitro class racing. The engine is an original HPI Nova Rossi motor with a MIP Manifold (One of the strongest made, and of course it has been ported) and an RB Pipe.  We always get the question as to why we don’t have the latest high HP motor in this car.  And we answer the question the same time, every time.  Fast doesn’t win the race, consistency does.  And with this Combo, the Super Nitro is very easy to drive, never stalls and has a very smooth power band.


The chassis on the Super Nitro car is also an option part. It was manufactured by Wolfgang Racing and has a unique design in that it is not a flat pan style but instead uses a webbing style designed for strength and light weight. Combine that with the HPI upper graphite plate and Wolfpack Schneller rear chassis brace and you have a car that is light, strong and flex free. We also used the HPI cross drilled rear disc brake, HPI aluminum alloy shocks with teflon pistons, HPI Carbon graphite arms and bulkheads, HPI lightweight flywheel, sealed bearings and HPI aluminum front hubs.


The secret to this cars success though was not only the build but the tuning setup. Unlike our other nitro cars that are tuned with a fairly stiff suspension to aid in handling and responsiveness, this car has a suspension setup that was the complete opposite. The car was was set up to roll through corners with a lot of lean which is why we are running very soft HPI Orange springs and 35 weight oil in the shocks. The car has so much traction and is so easy to drive it is like you are out for a Sunday stroll. We should mention we are even running gear diffs with 50,000 weight diff grease in the back and 30,000 in the front. No ball diff and no one way. Drive it, park it, clean it. It was quite the time saver on race day.


This set up advice came from HPI’s own Thad Garner and we are happy to share it with you.

Base Parking Lot Racing Setup
Parking lot, medium grip, medium size

35 wt oil, #3 pistons, Orange Linear springs
Lowered upper shock mount (comes with V12 LMR or GT-One bodies)
Bottom of shock mounted on C-Hub
10 degrees caster, 0 degrees kick-up
Set camber so tires wear flat
Toe-in: 0 degrees
Camber link in upper position on C-Hub
8mm ride height
Nitro Handling Set (2mm roll center plate) #72515
33R tires with Firm Pro Tire Strip inserts

280mm wheelbase
35 wt oil, #3 pistons, Orange Linear springs
Graphite rear shock tower #73003, shock mounted in outer hole
Bottom of shock mounted in outer hole on suspension arm
Set camber so tires wear flat
Toe-in: 2 degrees
Camber link in stock position on rear upright
8mm ride height
Nitro Handling Set (2mm roll center plate) #72515
33R tires with Firm Pro Tire Strip inserts


Check out the video of fastharry racing at the 2002 HPI Challenge with this very car and don’t forget to check out the pics underneath the video. Just so you know, the pictures are of the car as it came off the track at the last HPI Challenge. The front belt popped off with 3 laps remaining in the A main. We still finished in 4th.



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