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Vintage fastharry.com Flamed HPI 97 Corvette RC Body 200 MM Lexan with a BIG ASS WING!

fastharry.com Vintage Flamed HPI Corvette RC Body 200 mm

Hey! We found this painted, flamed HPI 97 Corvette (#7039) RC Body in a HPI RS4 Kit box we had stored (along with other radio control bodies we will post). We painted it in 1997 for one of our RS4 nitro cars, ran it a couple of times and stored it. Out of all the HPI bodies we have painted, the 97 Corvette was one of our favorites. Back in the 90’s HPI was the company to go to for cool, detailed RC car bodies for parking lot racing. There weren’t many choices back then for great bodies and HPI did a great job of bringing realistic Lexan bodies to the nitro touring car radio control hobby.


As you can tell by our paint schemes, the crew at fastharry.com are big fans of flames and this body shows it (as well as the HPI bodied  Kyosho GP Spyder Porsche we painted around the same time). And this HPI body, like the Kyosho, featured a big ass wing from BRP to help get traction on slippery parking lot surfaces. The wing inhibited steering on a tight corner, but on a parking lot sweeper you could just about drive it flat out.


Check out some of the features on the car which we were doing back then. Notice the rear vents in the back of the car? We cut off the stock spoiler mounts and put color matching screen to help vent airflow from underneath the body. Notice the rear window cut out? Same principle there. We are always pushing the envelope at fastharry.com and this shows it. How many people back then were venting the bodies through rear outlets? Not many, we can assure you.


This body, like the Kyosho Porsche, was painted with Pactra Metalflake Colors and solid reds and oranges. It has a silver undercoat to give the colors some snap.


We always tried to make our cars distinctive back then and loved applying decals from Autograhics to give our bodies an edge in the looks department. We think we succeeded. As always, comments are welcome!


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