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WoW! Check Our Recent Garage Sale Finds! Vintage Electric RC Cars and Trucks. All For Sale! Vintage Tamiya Porshe 949 4wd

We thought our readers would love to see these really cool RC cars and trucks….Many of our crew love garage sales (OK, maybe their wives do, LOL) so we are always on the lookout for cool finds. And it doesn’t get any cooler than vintage RC cars and trucks. We found these in a period of two days. A Vintage Tamiya Blackfoot with Clodbuster(or Nitro Crusher/Marui Big Bear) wheels and tires, AND a whole box of original parts, decals, tires and manuals.


Also, a vintage Futaba FX10 in nice shape. The FX 10 is cool in that it was based on the Tamiya Stryker. The beauty of the bunch is an original vintage Tamiya Porsche 959.  Sitting next to the Porsche was an original Tamiya Fox. How cool was that?


And rounding out the package was an all original Aristocraft vintage Monster Truck Sled for pulling competitions.  The sled actually still works and has all the decals intact.


All of these vehicles are classic cars from the 1980′s and all will be offered for sale at Write us for details and pricing.


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