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HALO mcc HALO mASTER cHIEF cOLLECTION no games found multiplayer

Enjoying Halo Master Chief Collection! STILL SEARCHING!

Do you need pitching practice? Is your life so calm you are looking to have a lot of frustration? Are you looking for software coders that are not smarter than a 5th grader?

Well my friends, this review and our commentary of 343 industries Halo The Master Chief Collection (MCC) for the XBOX One is for you. Our crew has never seen a bigger botched launch of a video game on Xbox Live. And this is coming from Microsoft’s own game studio, 343 industries. Y0u know Microsoft, right? One of the biggest software-network-server companies in the world. Well, This is one of the biggest fails of the year.

We can guarantee that you will be throwing your controller at your flat screen in frustration. Halo The Master Chief Collection is an embarrassment in all honesty. Since HALO MCC’s Tuesday launch a week ago, matchmaking has been just about unplayable with locked screens, no matches found, uneven teams, the party system is broken beyond belief, no matches found, no repeat games after a match (if you are lucky enough to find one), lost connection with host and did we mention NO MATCHES FOUND?

The halowaypoint.com forums (and many others) are filled with thousands of people who are having issues…some with even more after the big update was made available Thursday night . Which, BTW, did not do much and even made it worse for many gamers.

Now, we know what you are thinking. You can say the campaign works (even though it has more bugs than 10 acres of Brazilian forest). And you can say that the playlists work (even though the game keeps resetting your rank back to zero).

Yes, those are good points. Fifty percent of the game does work…somewhat. But since when has the gaming public lowered their expectations for excellence? When are we as gamers going to stand up and say ENOUGH of this crap. We are not beta testers. We are hard working Americans who enjoy video gaming and who spend our hard earned money on products that are constantly inferior, released with no regard for quality and as we said, look and play like they are coded and developed by 5th graders.

If you are as pissed off as we are about HALO MCC, go to twitter. Write to the man in charge of xbox nation, Phil Spencer.  His twitter address is . Write Dan Ayoub, the head of 343 industries developers on Twitter. His addy is Write to Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 industries on twitter


And in the meantime, we recommend you do not buy 343 industries BIG fail, Halo The Master Chief Collection for XBOX ONE.

Check back here for updates and commentary on HALO MCC. We will do a proper review if and when 343 industries gets its act together and is able to fix the master chief.


UPDATE 11/24/14: Troubleshooting connectivity Halo MCC. It looks like, from the research we have been following, that an open NAT helps in some situations finding HALO MCC multiplayer games. We recently installed an AC-1750 D-Link courtesy of Cablevision and had a moderate NAT after 10 years of having an open NAT on our Netgear. We followed the instructions on XBOX’s site and it was a winner. Step 5 was the one that cured our moderate NAT issue, refreshing the NAT Tables. So we would definitely check this out on your xbox 360 or xbox ONE. It could help finding a multiplayer game. You can find the xbox article HERE on how to achieve an open nat.

If you have an Apple Airport Extreme Router there may be difficulty with the “default” settings connecting to matches on any xbox games. To optimize gameplay on Xbox ONE, you need to change the setting on Airport routers to all “teredo” tunnels which is off by default. Go to Airport settings, click on Network tab, click network options at bottom then check “allow teredo tunnels” Hope this helps!


halo master Chief Collection Connection Failed

Connection failed is the understatement of the year!


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