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Vintage Slot Cars!

Wow..Check out the video of me openingĀ  my childhood vintage slot car case filled with slot cars after 40 years of being in storage! I just recently located the case. Didn’t even remember all the cool vintage slot cars in there. I had these growing up as a kid in the NJ area in 1964-1965. Not gonna tell you what they are….but if the slot car names Cox, AMT Dynamic GE Mirage, Riggen, Jad Chappie XL Custom, Classic and a few others mean anything to you, watch the video. If you love vintage slot cars, you will love it!

Keep in Mind I was 10 in 1964….so they may not be perfect, LOL..As I go through and clean them up, I will show them on the website…..Thanks for watching!

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  • Ray Shia

    Great video, like opening a time capsule. Very kool. Your Classic Manta Ray had a different body. The other Classic was a Gamma Ray. Silver #24 Chaparral was a Riggen. The Lil Cuc looked nice. Defenitely some great stuff in that box. ENJOY


      Thanks Ray…I had completely forgotten about the Thingie car and the AMT Dynamic GE Mirage I was surprised to say the least…..Thanks for watching the vid!

  • Nice time capsule..
    That rat fink decal brought back a flash of old memories. lol.
    Next time please put your camera on a table top tripod, and use both hands to demonstrate what your doing. RW.


      Hi RW…Thanks for watching the vid..glad you enjoyed the “rat fink” decal. My Dad had a carpet store in the 60’s (that was his decal on the side of the case) and he had a 18 year old kid working for him in 64-66. He was a true 50’s greaser who drove a primer black 50’s Ford Coupe. When I used to go to work with my dad on Saturdays, I was enamored with this “cool” guy….and it was from Vinnie I learned about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. I also have my box of model cars I built starting at age of 8 (1962) that I have not opened since about the same time..I wrapped them all in newspaper in 68 after my dad had passed….no joy in models any longer. I might have some original decals in that box. Might have to do another video. And this time I will use a proper camera instead of my Samsung phone so a tripod can be used.

  • Noel

    I saw a Black Widow Decal I had the Black Widow in the late 60s or early 70s it was 4 wheel drive had 2 motors back to back (Russkit LolaT-70 With The Black Widow Four Wheel Drive)


      Hi Noel…thanks for watching the video. Wow, I did not even know that. I must have liked the decal and bought it. Between the emails and FB slot car pages, I am getting a real education on my old cars. Thanks for sharing…

      • Noel

        That is great to see your old slot car stuff,I raced when I was younger in the 60s & 70s then it died, we started up racing in the mid 90s went form location to location till it died again around 2003 here are my web sites I had created back then


          Cool Stuff….I checked out the site, Liked it! I have been picking up slot cars at garage sales in the past 2 years if I can find them. I’ll get them posted on the site when I get a minute. Found a really mint 1965 vintage Revell Genie Ford MKII….

  • Charles deGruchy

    Hey, I enjoyed the little trip down memory lane. Did anyone ever tell you the name of the bright orange thingie? Thanks ( I would give my right arm for one ) Chas


      Hi Charles…, the guys on FB let me know…..The Chassis is a Classic (who also made the Purple Gamma Ray) Manta Ray Chassis with a DUBRO “Hugger” slot car body on it…Glad you enjoyed it….I have found other slot cars at garage sales..will be posting pics soon…

  • Charles deGruchy

    Thank you for the info. I am learning so much from the forums and sites like yours. Thanks you.
    I have had the slot car bug since 12 years old in 72. I am trying to invent a new track, but while that goes forward, I would like to know of a thingie web page.Might you know where on the net I could send pics of bodies I have that I have no name for? Seems to me the dip in popularity of slots is leaving the thingies alone first. Thanks again 100 x Chas


      hey Chas….if you are on facebook….there are 2 great slot car group pages…One is “Slot Racing OldSchool” (spelled just like that)…

      and the other is “Slot Car Thingies”..both those groups have a great bunch of guys…and if you join, you will find that slot cars are in a resurgence, esp the older ones…

  • Mark

    As I said on your YouTube channel, you should scan them in with a 3d scanner and upload them. Many of the bodies created in those days were a work art.

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