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TOP TEN Reasons Why Gamers Will Choose The Sony PS4 Versus The Microsoft XBOX ONE

Here ya go PS4 weenies…… read more

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You're Not A Man If You Don't Love This! Giant TR-150 Excavating Drill Versus A 1980's Oldsmobile...

giant_drill_car_tWho doesn’t love good old fashioned machine made mayhem?..We know we are big fans. Check out this video on read more


Radio Control Car and Truck Videos from fastharry.com

fastharry.com racingĀ  HPI RS4 Supernitro’s at the 2002 HPI Challenge

please visit YouTube to get all the details on the race

fastharry.com racing Kyosho Mini Z’s at Cruizin’ with RC’s in Waldwick NJ

60 Radio Control Cars in 60 Seconds….


Forza 3

Forza 3, the real life car racing simulation from Microsoft and Turn 10 for the Xbox 360 is such a great game we find ourselves using it to stay in practice for Radio Control racing. The vehicle handling physics are simply amazing and feel real life, especially when it comes to controlling the car in a racing or 4 wheel drift situation.

Here are some pics we have taken “in-game”. We will read more


Xbox 360, Sony PS2 and Nintendo Wii gaming at fastharry.com

Check out our gaming rig in the lounge at fastharry.com. We have an xbox 360, read more


Radio Control Cars and Racing