Updated: Dices Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Is Awesome, For Sure! Pete the Pro Has His Thoughts and Review!

A lot has been said about Dices new Xbox 360 video game, Battlefield 3. How great is the game? Should there be a prone position? Hey, how are the damn graphics? Is it better than the bug ridden Operation Metro beta? Read on for a realistic mini review by our resident gamer, Pete The Pro. read more


Vintage Flamed HPI 97 Corvette RC Body 200 MM Lexan with a BIG ASS WING! Vintage Flamed HPI Corvette RC Body 200 mm

Hey! We found this painted, flamed HPI 97 Corvette (#7039) RC Body in a HPI RS4 Kit box we had stored (along with other radio control bodies we will post). We painted it in 1997 for one of our RS4 nitro cars, ran it a couple of times and stored it. Out of all the HPI bodies we have painted, the 97 Corvette was one of our favorites. Back in the 90’s HPI was the company read more

HPI RC HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car (HPI Challenge Car) HPI Challenge Cars-Super Nitro, r40 and EVO 3

We thought you might like to see some pictures of our very special HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car. This car has been raced in every HPI Challenge whenever the Challenge had a class for Super Nitro, and has qualified in almost every A main. The only exceptions we can remember it not being in the A-main was the Englishtown Challenge in 1999 and the World Finals in Las Vegas. Both of these times we were in the B Main though.


The car was built with the HPI Challenge in mind and read more


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RC Cars

Does The Crew Really Own All This Stuff?..Well, Yes We Do!..Read On! Radio Control Inventory

We  received an interesting email the other day. Seems one of our readers didn’t quite believe the crew owns everything on So we thought we would take a couple of pics to show you read more

Whats New!

The Reno Air Show Accident…Why Was This Man Flying?

  Listen, the crew is keeping  everyone involved in the Reno air show crash in our prayers. But, and this is a big but, here’s whats on our mind.,..We don’t think read more

Kyosho RC Kyosho Hoppin’ Mad Radio Control (RC) Nitro Wheelie Car Kyosho RC Nitro Wheelie Car

This is our Kyosho Hoppin’ Mad radio control  1/10th scale nitro wheelie car, and it is an absolute hoot to drive. It was built in completely stock form as the kit came from Kyosho. Ball bearings were added to aid in reliability and our standard build tricks were incorporated as well. The wheelie car uses a read more


Nike Labs RC UGO RC (Radio Control) Sneaker Limited Edition Built by Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters

This is a UGO VAPOR TD, Kyosho mini-Z powered, handmade by NIKE Labs, one of 10 in the world, Super Limited, Remote Control Sneaker.

We purchased this in 2003 read more

RC Cars

Vintage Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 RC Car #58053

Vintage Tamiya Road Wizard

This vintage 1/10th scale Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 electric RC car (#58053) is one of the favorites in our collection.  We purchased it from a fellow RC’er in Hawaii in 2008 and we are glad we did. He took really great care of it and it shows in the photo’s.Tamiya introduced the Road Wizard in read more

Automobiles 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod Build Project Car

If you see this, there ain't no runnin away

The American Graffiti 1955 Chevrolet Hot Rod Project Build is complete and we thought you would like to see pictures and video of this three year project . This 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod has been a work in progress for over 3 years. Bob Falfa would have loved this car, John Milner would be runnin’, that’s for darn certain. Check out the next page for great pictures and videos.

For starters, this car is read more


Our Awesome Collection of Radio Control (RC) Cars and Trucks kysoho Icarus

Check out our awesome collection of RC cars and trucks. Vintage, classic, RTR, Kits…The Crew owns them all. read more


Review: For Real Men Only, We Present: The Von Hoffmann Bros.’ Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness

For Real Men Only

We have found a book that you can buy now and thank us later. It is intended for real men only. May we present the greatest book we have ever read and the best addition read more

Cool 1976 Kawasaki Vintage KZ 900 Pro Street Drag Bike 1976 Kawasaki Drag Bike




That’s Right Folks…One of the crew members just bought back his original 1976 Kawasaki KZ-900 street/dragbike after 30 years in read more

RC Cars

Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 with Parma 56 Ford body and Thorp Options Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle with parma 56 Ford body

This vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 electric RC Car was released in 1986 and has been in our possession since being purchased new in read more

Cool People

We Found The Voice Of An Angel!…Check it out!

How many times have you watched YouTube and seen someone singing…and switched out in 30 seconds? Well, we have read more


Wow! 95 MPH 21 foot Skater Boat (Tunnel Hull) on Swinging Bridge Lake in NY. The Crew Rides Along! (Video)

“BIG” Johns 95 MPH Skater Boat

Boy Howdee, did we have fun on our recent R and R trip to upstate NY. We accepted an invite from our good friend Jimbo and journeyed up to read more


We Have a Winner in our Facebook Contest! and Here He is!

Well, its been a great 3 weeks and through our scientific, at random, choosing process, we are ready to announce that Ray Murray is the winner of the first Facebook “Like” contest at We will be getting Rays info and sending him his choice of a Starbucks or Gamestop Gift card.


If you did not win,no worries!….You are automatically entered into our next contest running till July 29th!  Thanks everyone for liking our page!


Alexis DeJoria (NHRA Funny Car Driver) loves

Alexis Dejoria loves

Let’s face it, it’s not just the racing that everyone goes to see at racing events, it’s the drivers read more


One Liner Of The Month Award..Can this be real?

Can this be real? We received an email from a reader who describes this story: read more

For Sale

Radio Control (RC) Tips, Great Products and Help

  • Here is a list of  tips we have found from experience to be read more