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Nylint 1/6th scale RC Rock Crawler Scorpion Body 4WD (Electric Radio Control) For Sale Too!!

Nylint 1/6th scale Rock Crawler for sale at

Wow these Nylint 1/6th scale RC Rock Crawlers are hot!  We are getting a lot of interest on this For Sale page so we thought our readers might enjoy seeing pics of our personal Nylint RC Scorpion 4×4 rock crawler. Don’t forget to check out the new in box Nylint Rock Crawler 1/6th scale 4×4  we have that is for sale too.

Nylint made these Rock Crawlers for a limited time, in 2 sizes. This one is the bigger crawler, a true 1/6th scale massive crawler. It measures approx. 22 inches in length and stands 15 inches high. The suspension really works quite well and is very well thought out. The crawler has a massive amount of torque, surprising for what is deemed as a toy. The tires are special too. Made of soft rubber, they were designed specifically for this vehicle and have a unique tread pattern designed for crawlers.


Nylint is one of the biggest toy makers in the industry and what most people don’t know is that the owners of Nylint are big rock crawling enthusiasts. They actually started making this as a labor of love.  The reason they stopped? Well, it goes like this. The big crawlers were set to retail at 400.00 dollars. The stores were allowed to sell them for a street price of 300.00 dollars. Of course Walmart gets a hold of these big toys and decides to discount them further which pissed off the Nylint company to no end. So, they stopped producing them. Shame that Walmart screwed things up for us. Who knows where this would have ended.

Powered by a 12v lead acid battery, it also has its own transmitter, 2 speed forward and reverse transmission, and like we said, a unique crawler suspension that lets it travel over just about anything. Also included is a charger and the bonus rock crawling DVD. The Crew at really enjoys using our personal Nylint crawler. No obstacle is too big for this behemoth.

This is new in box and very rare. Please contact us for shipping details.

Priced at 300.00 dollars, FREE SHIPPING (48 states only) Local pick-up available in NJ/NY area.



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67 comments to Nylint 1/6th scale RC Rock Crawler Scorpion Body 4WD (Electric Radio Control) For Sale Too!!

  • Griffith Gainey

    i was just wondering if the nylint 1/6 scale rock crawler was still for sale. i have always been intrigued by this rock crawler. i am new to the hobby and i would want one of these to start on to get the hang of it. ive searched on them for a long time trying to find one to buy but ive had no luck. i wish i would have started the hobby sooner so i could have bought one.



  • z. s. liszkai

    not to make light of your nylint, but i bought the jeep bodied nylint 1/6th crawler at a local thrift store for $8.99 plus tax. the only thing wrong with it was that the battery door on the transmitter was gone.

  • cody

    hi. i have scorpin rockcrawler i got it for my birth day back when a was around 12 i still have it but it dosent work anymore. i was wondering could it be fixed? i would love to have it working again for my son bec this thing would crawl anything.

  • Brian

    If cody ever gets on again tell him to take apart the things that the drive shafts are in to see if its just a broken wire like mine was.

  • Brian

    Do you Know of a rock crawler that is cheep and is good

  • Jordan

    I’m a youtuber with a nearly 10,000 subscriber base and I’ve been wanting to do RC videos, I was trying to find this crawler do to a friend having it in the past. I’m trying so find something pretty nice and RTR certainly. I am considering a bit of a baja truck kinda deal like ones I’ve seen from traxxas, but they are pricey. I get payed for making videos, and could get it back on it, but still. hahah.

    What do you suggest as the cheapest, and good running crawler or trucks with decent speed that could possibly do a few jumps? :)


      Jordan, what price range?..Also, you are going to find that all dedicated Crawlers won’t jump due to their lack of speed. Even putting a non crawler motor won’t help as they have gearboxes and ratios designed for crawling. The best combo would be the Traxxas Summit in our opinion.

      • Jordan

        I have no true price range really. I’d like to go as cheap as I could, but also not so cheap that it only runs for two days. I have a large yard that I could turn into a track or anything if I wanted, so I’m thinking of something along the lines of a Traxxas Slash 4×4, just they are quite expensive, would be nice to find something cheaper, but nearly like it.

        I checked out the summit and it being $600+ is beyond my ability to pay. I turn 19 in July, so I don’t have the most money as of now, doing such a weird and unusual job hah :)

        I plan to record these things to try to make it as interesting as I can for my audience as well, so I think something faster that works in grassy and dirt areas would do well.


          So you are looking for a short course truck, not a crawler?

          • Jordan

            Basically, yes. I think a short course truck would be a place to start.


            and you’re just gonna be using it to zip around the back yard?..or do you plan on going racing at a track in the future…


            OK…We would go with a Team Associated sc 10 RTR (ready to run)…the only thing you will need is a battery. Now, here whay we like this truck. The newest tech is brushless motors and Li Po (lithium polymer) batteries. The sc 10 copmes with a brushless set up..BUT, you can still use an older style NI-MH battery (nickel metal hydride. you are also gonna need a charger.


            HPI Racing has the Blitz which is what we race in the pro version. That runs about 250 dollars, includes a Ni Mh battery and a simple wall charger. It is also equipped with a speed control that is Li Po compatible, so you can add a brushless motor later on and run with a li po pack too.


            The traxxas slash is OK too….but it is an older design with a high center of gravity and if you decide to go racing will not handle as well as the other 2…


          • Jordan

            I just checked it out, it looks nice, I will search on youtube for some videos to see how it runs as well. I will probably pick that up!

            Thank you for all the help! :)


            no problem, Thanks for visiting the site, let us know if you have more questions…BTW, the sc 10 and blitz really hold their value as people want them for racing…

          • Jordan

            I will be back for more questions I’m for sure. I’ve seen some videos and reviews on the sc 10, it looks really good, I’m excited to try it out. Thank you!


            No problem…Glad to help. Let us know how it goes…If you go on any forums, let people know we helped you. We’d appreciate it.

          • Jordan

            I will tell my audience that you helped me, should bring you a few thousand visitors for a bit :)


            That is greatly appreciated..Thanks Again..

  • Justin

    My rock crawler has been throught a house flood and I at least need a new charger. I was wanting to know that if I get on from a local electronics shop and with no avail if I could still find parts for my 1/6th scale scorpion?

  • Michael

    found this site when looking for parts for my Scorpion i have three chassis’s one new in box one with about 2 hours use and one for parts that’s seen over 400 hours of use have been looking to find tires for the other one that’s new in box and a jeep body that will fit this it is the Nylint rock crawler 1/6th have the remote for both the wrangler and the Scorpion and would like to get both up and running where can i find parts for these as the company no longer handles them


      Hi Mike…

      The best place is eBay….we just checked and there were several sets that have sold in the 15 to 30 dollar range…go to ebay, search nylint crawler and save the search..Ebay will send you an email whenever any new NYLINT crawler parts are listed.

  • Michael

    thank you will do some searching just wasn’t sure what size tire /rim they had or if i could replace them with something else

  • coty

    do you sell these, i had one and love it

  • coty

    what did they sell for and are you expecting to get anymore?


      we got 300 for the 1/6th scale ones, new in box….

      The only one we have left is our personal one….not ready to sell it…but you can see it in the pics..

  • coty

    whoa… im out on that price

  • coty

    you know anywhere to get replacement parts for it

  • coty

    yeah im not having any luck


      What you need to do is search the part you need…and to be honest, we would just search Nylint Crawler, and after you see the results hit the “save search” button at the top…this way EBAY will send you an email whenever new items appear in the listing you searched for….It’s real handy for keeping up to date on new listings…and you don’t have to search manually…

  • coty

    i got both of mine up and going and have a third one on the way lol

  • Mark

    Any chance the 1:6 Nylint rock crawler is still for sale? I would love to buy one or 2 if possible?


      this one has been sold….but we might be selling our personal 1/8th scale crawler….only used a few times…still has original carton.

  • Tiffany

    If I buy a 1/6 that doesn’t have a remote is there a way to reprogram it to a new one? Would have to be the original remote?? I would be interested in yours as well when your ready to sell :) these are the best crawlers ever! I bought my first back in 07 and have gone through 3 sets of tires lol


      Hi Tiffany….Look on the bottom of the truck near the battery stuff….see if you can find a frequency sticker….If it just says something like 8 or 2…than that MIGHT be an AM frequency channel….if it gives the frequency channel 8 27.123, let us know…If there is no sticker, that means they used the same freq. for all the trucks and there is no way of knowing what they are using and you would have to find another remote…

      even if there is a freq sticker…you would still have to buy another brand transmitter and crystals…it would be cheaper to find a NYLINT used remote on ebay….but again, you have to look for a freq sticker…letter, number, color..anything to indicate the radios differ between models so you can buy the right transmitter.

      Our truck is loaned out..when we get it back in a few weeks we will check and see how ours is equipped…..We sold the new in box one, but still have the used one which is like new….only used for display.

      If you need a phone call to review all this stuff, let us know…

      Thanks for visiting the site.

  • velez

    Does anyone how or where to buy a replacement remote control for nylint scorpion thanks

  • Steve Rhodes

    where can I get a replacement battery for my scorpion that I just bought at a thrift store? also need a replacement antenna for the controller.


      best place we have seen for replacement parts and batteries is EBAY…..which model do you have, the 1/6th scale or the little 1/18th?

  • Steve Rhodes

    I have the 1/6th scale. is there a special charger needed for the battery or could I use a 12 volt car charger to charge the battery? if I find one. I have a big scale hummer body that I’m going to try and mount on the chassis when the weather warms up.


      Hi Steve…

      The battery that the nylint uses is a dry cell battery….see if there is a model number on it and put that into google search. Also, the 9.5 trickle type chargers would be fine…We doubt the battery is good either…but it is worth a try to charge it for an hour and see if the truck moves…Don’t leave it unattended in case the cells have shorted from non use….

  • Steve Rhodes

    thanks for the info all check it out and I’ll try and charge my battery for the heck of it.
    thanks for the help

  • Steve Rhodes

    I’ll keep checking e-bay and see if one pops up. thanks


      Hi Steve…no need to keep checking….Do a search on ebay for Nylint Crawler…..after the search is completed, up at the top it there will be a green link that says “follow this search”…..if you click on that, EBAY will send you an email once a day. If you do a smaller type search, like “nylint crawler battery”….they will send an email as soon as one is listed….We would do both. this way you see all the parts listed and are the first one to grab the battery…

  • Steve Rhodes

    ok I’ll do that thanks

  • billy

    Can I still get one and if so where

  • Thomas

    Hi i recently Acquired one of these from a family member that found it in storage. Only problem is that they could not find the radio or the charger for the battery. After extensive research i have come up short. Do you have any ideas.

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