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Vintage fastharry.com Flamed HPI 97 Corvette RC Body 200 MM Lexan with a BIG ASS WING!

fastharry.com Vintage Flamed HPI Corvette RC Body 200 mm

Hey! We found this painted, flamed HPI 97 Corvette (#7039) RC Body in a HPI RS4 Kit box we had stored (along with other radio control bodies we will post). We painted it in 1997 for one of our RS4 nitro cars, ran it a […]

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fastharry.com HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car (HPI Challenge Car)

fastharry.com HPI Challenge Cars-Super Nitro, r40 and EVO 3

We thought you might like to see some pictures of our very special HPI Super Nitro RS4 RC Car. This car has been raced in every HPI Challenge whenever the Challenge had a class for Super Nitro, and has qualified in almost every A main. […]

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fastharry.com Kyosho Hoppin’ Mad Radio Control (RC) Nitro Wheelie Car

fastharry.com Kyosho RC Nitro Wheelie Car

This is our Kyosho Hoppin’ Mad radio control  1/10th scale nitro wheelie car, and it is an absolute hoot to drive. It was built in completely stock form as the kit came from Kyosho. Ball bearings were added to aid in reliability and our standard build tricks were […]

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fastharry™ HPI R40 HARA Edition Nitro RC Touring Car HPI0816 (HPI Challenge car)

fastharry.com HPI Challenge Cars..r40, EVO3 and Super Nitro

This is one hard charging RC Car, an  HPI Hara Edition R40 nitro touring car maxed out with a slew of rare options!  Hand built by the crew at fastharry.com and powered by an RB motor, it features


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Cox .049 GTP Nissan Vintage Radio Control Car


Cox Imsa .049 GTP RC Car

We love showing this beautiful example of a really cool vintage rc car. This classic Cox 049 GTP Nissan was manufactured


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fastharry™ Kyosho Nitro Blizzard Snow Cat (QRC Transmission)

fastharry.com Kyosho Nitro Blizzard

This is a Kyosho Nitro Blizzard, and is powered by a Kyosho GS11x Nitro motor. It features


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Ofna TiTan Twin Dual Nitro Engine Radio Control Monster Truck (Limited Edition)

The Ofna Titan Twin Beautiful Box Art

We thought you might enjoy looking at one of the coolest Remote Control Monster Trucks ever made. The OFNA 1/8th scale Twin Titan shocked the RC Monster Truck scene when it was introduced a few years back. This Limited Edition beauty was made with a special chromed […]

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fastharry­™ Traxxas T-MAXX Nitro Radio Control Racing Monster Truck

fastharry.com Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro Monster Truck

We were among the first to hop on board the Traxxas T MAXX juggernaut that revolutionized the Remote Control Monster Truck racing scene. This T-MAXX was purchased new the first day our local hobby shop received it and we immediately


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Vintage Cox .049 Gas Powered Vega Funny Car (kammback wagon)

Cox .049 Vega Funny Car

This classic Cox Vega Kammback Wagon gas powered funny car was purchased by us about 10 years ago.  These cars were produced by Cox in


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fastharry™ HPI RS4 Nitro Mini with Mini Cooper Body RC (HPI Challenge Car)

HPI Nitro Mini RS4

This vintage HPI Nitro Mini Rs4 Mini Cooper has been in our collection from 1997 when they were first introduced by HPI. Built by the crew at fastharry.com, It features all the HPI Options and hop ups available at the time including the HPI Super Chassis, Graphite top deck, Graphite […]

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fastharry™ Team Associated Nitro RC10 GT with Holeshot Racing Chassis and MIP Stinger Exhaust

fastharry.com Vintage Team Associated RC 10 GT

This Team Associated classic RC10 GT Radio Control Racing Truck has been in our collection since 1996. One of it’s many cool features is the


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fastharry™ Vintage Kyosho Nitro GP Spider (spyder) MK II Touring Car Remote Control Car

fastharry.com Kyosho GP Spider MKII

This is a classic Kyosho GP Spider MK II remote control car from the mid 90’s. It was the second in the parking lot racing touring car series from Kyosho and represented


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HPI Challenge Nitro RC Cars (overview)

The cars pictured were built for the HPI Challenge, and include from top to bottom, an HPI R40 with Suzuki Escudo body, the HPi 2004 HPI Challenge NY nitro stock RS4-3 winner  with Acura NSX body, and an HPI Super Nitro car with an HPI BMW body.

The crew at fastharry.com has been racing […]