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fastharry™ HPI RS4 Nitro Mini with Mini Cooper Body RC (HPI Challenge Car)

HPI Nitro Mini RS4

This vintage HPI Nitro Mini Rs4 Mini Cooper has been in our collection from 1997 when they were first introduced by HPI. Built by the crew at, It features all the HPI Options and hop ups available at the time including the HPI Super Chassis, Graphite top deck, Graphite shock towers, Alloy body HPI Racing shocks with Teflon Pistons, Ball differentials, Universal axles, Fully sealed ball bearings, Alloy belt side brace and many others.

Powered by an OS 12 CV nitro engine with optional OS cooling head, it has been raced at every HPI Challenge series (and always in the A Main we might add) when the classes allowed it to compete, and has also been raced at many club races.  Check out the cool MIP Boost Bottle and other neat features we built into the car.

The body is an HPI Mini Cooper that was custom painted by the crew at with Pactra Metallic Red paint.  Before we painted this body we had an HPI VW Bus body that was painted as a surfer edition.



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