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Vintage Kyosho 1/10th scale Eleck Peanut Dune Buggy From 1978 Kyosho’s First Electric Car Very Rare!

Vintage Kyosho Electric Peanuts

This is an extremely rare car, especially in this condition. This classic Kyosho Eleck Peanuts Dune Buggy is the first electric car that Kyosho Corp manufactured. Up until 1978 all their cars were off road nitro buggies and the Eleck Peanuts even used the same body from the Peanut 09 nitro buggy.

It has a tension rod front suspension and lateral rod rear suspension. It also features a unique step gear system so the gearing can be changed with one touch.

Notice that by 1978 Kyosho was molding their bodies in color, unlike the 09 nitro peanuts body that needed paint.  We love the way they machined the exhaust tips and the detail in the wheels.



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16 comments to Vintage Kyosho 1/10th scale Eleck Peanut Dune Buggy From 1978 Kyosho’s First Electric Car Very Rare!

  • Michel Widmann

    Is the Eleck peanuts for sale?
    Best regards!
    Michel Widmann

  • Jennfer

    I was wondering how much the peanut is worth. I have one myself and want to sell it, but not sure what a good price is.

  • clint harvey

    Hi there i have one of these eleck peanuts and was wondering how much are they worth. Thanks


      Hi Clint..

      It really depends on condition and other factors..for example, it is new in box?…If you leave some details, we will be happy to go further…

  • clint harvey

    The car has been used but is still all original parts but doesn’t have a
    box. It does need some tlc also have original shell.


      we have seen them on ebay, NIB, selling for around 300 dollars and up. But again, that was a couple years ago. We were offered 500 for ours and turned it down as we think it is a unique piece of history. We would do a search on ebay and then save the search so EBAY sends you updates, This way you can get a feel and see if any kits or cars are for sale in the new few months. This would be a good judge of what yours is worth.

  • Michel Widmann

    Hi, I am allready searching an Kyocho Eleck Penauts. It was my first car when I was a child. Please contact Many Thanks!!!

  • Frank

    I do have this exact same model of Eleck Peanuts, bought in 1980 and used for about a year (until one of the back wheels broke – I never repaired it). It has been in (cool and dry) storage ever since.
    It comes with a Robbe Economic Remote Control unit and, if one repais the wheel and replaces the NiCd batteries (original pieces from 1980 are still there, but of course dead by now) it is probably good to run.
    If anybody is interested, please send me an offer. I can ship worldwide.


  • Frank

    I am happy to send pictures and more information – I just probably need some help in pointing out to me what to look for.


      Hi Frank…You can always take a pic or make an album, upload to the cloud (like Photobucket, Dropbox, Google Pics, etc) and post a link in comments….we will approve the post. We would take a pic of the whole car, the included parts and the broken piece. If someone is interested, they can comment and we will send them your contact email….

  • I made some pictures and posted them here:

    The RC car was bought in May 1980, is in original packaging (slightly damaged, see pictures) and has all original parts. It comes with a 4-channel Robbe Economic RC unit in original packaging, Robbe Terra 4-channel receiver (the car needs only two of these channels), two servos and all original NiCd batteries. I also include the original NiCd charger if desired. The tires are in good condition (see pictures), the main motor works perfectly and no major mechanical damage is apparent. I did, however, notice the following:
    – The back right wheel rim is broken and needs to be exchanged
    – One exhaust pipe is missing
    – The front lamps are detached (can be screwed back on) and one lamp cover is missing
    – The body’s yellow varnish has been smeared (due to me trying to remove stickers with solvent)
    – The body had a few small cracks repaired with textile tape
    – The NiCd batteries are dead (to be expected after 34 years!)
    – I could not test the function of RC unit, receiver and servos due to the dead batteries – but no damage is visible on them (servos can be moved manually) and everything worked when I put it into the box approx 32 years ago

    Please contact me if you’re interested – I’ll probably put it up on Ebay soon (and post a link to the auction here).
    My email is Frank (at) Berauer (dot) org

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