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HPI Challenge Nitro RC Cars (overview)

Fastharry™ HPI Challenge RC Cars

The cars pictured were built for the HPI Challenge, and include from top to bottom, an HPI R40 with Suzuki Escudo body, the HPi 2004 HPI Challenge NY nitro stock RS4-3 winner  with Acura NSX body, and an HPI Super Nitro car with an HPI BMW body.

The crew at fastharry.com has been racing in the HPI Challenge series since it was started by HPI Racing in 1999. We consistently place in the A-main and have won 2 HPI challenge events. The win in 2004 was followed up in the HPI World Finals in Halifax England event with a 7th place A main finish in Nitro Stock.

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9 comments to HPI Challenge Nitro RC Cars (overview)

  • Chris Ingersoll

    HPI Challenge has never looked so good!

  • i just bout a nitro rtr rs4 3 evo+ and im look to make it faster. so what did u put on you’re car

  • ya it came with it. do you know any other most parts i could get to make it go faster?

    • fastharry.com

      to be honest…the RTR 3 is pretty well equipped with a tuned pipe and all…When I was racing mine at the HPI challenges, the Nitro Stock cars (like yours) were only a lap or two down from the Mod Nitro cars like the R40….and thats on a big course…

      Once you add a tuned pipe (which your car has) there isn’t much to do except adding a bigger motor for a real speed increase ( like an OS .18)….You could change the gear ratio for a little more top end…but if that car is broken in right and tuned right…it should go every bit of 40 MPh, which is plenty fast..

      If you wanted a top end only car, the traxxas is the way to go…but that is an old design, and to be honest, the traxxas motors are crap…

      You should see if you can find somewhere to race the car on a racetrack…I think you would find the car is plenty fast in a confined area like a race course…

      If you need more help, just ask..

  • thx foer you’re help oll let you know how i turned out .

  • yes it is, the best $450 i spend. lol

    • fastharry.com

      yep..it’s a great hobby…..You should really consider racing it in some way. Even getting together with friends and racing on a parking lot with a make shift course is fun…way more fun than top speed runs, LOL…

      Heres a tip I learned with 18 years ago..

      Set up a series of cones and practice figure 8 driving….but do it at different positions like standing at different ends, in the middle (outside the racing area)….It will really help getting used to driving and your reflexes and control will improve greatly…

      Stay in touch, let us know if you go racing….

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