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Vintage Cox .049 Gas Powered Vega Funny Car (kammback wagon)

Cox .049 Vega Funny Car

This classic Cox Vega Kammback Wagon gas powered funny car was purchased by us about 10 years ago.  These cars were produced by Cox in the mid 1970’s and are very rare. This  car is displayed in the same condition we purchased it in and we have plans to restore it to its full beauty in the coming months. This is a first run car, as the later cars had the model year on the blue decal (ex: Vega 73)



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22 comments to Vintage Cox .049 Gas Powered Vega Funny Car (kammback wagon)

  • kieran

    hey i have an air plane that has an engine vary similar how do u start it and what kind of fuel do u run ot on


    we have never run this car, even though the engine still has “pop” to it. If we did, we would use a hobby fuel with a hight nitro content( like 30%) and one with a high castor oil content, say around 20%. We would also use a bump starter to start it.

  • Tony


    I have the Vega in mint condition with the red gas tank. I have had it since I was a kid and started it once.
    What do you think the value might be?


      Hi Tony…

      from what we have seen on EBAY cars that have the boxes are worth more than standalone cars. But based on what we have seen lately, yours could be worth anywhere from 75 to 150 dollars….do you have any of the accessories left\?

  • I have the pinto. vega. and dragster in their unopened packages. Wanted one of these so bad when I was younger.Searched for a long time for ones still in the clear wrapped box. I got the purple dune buggy for christmas one year. Threw a rod like two days later. Have a nice used one now. Love the smell of that fuel. What a pain to get them started back then!


      Hi Michael,

      That is a great story. If you want, send us some pics and we will post them on this page and give you credit as the owner.

  • William cryar

    I have the vega funnycar in mint condition, I’ve listed for this or the pinto since I was little. Is there any video of one of these gems running? I can’t find one. There seems to be video on about everything else.

  • Dawson Payton

    I just bough a. whit Vega funny car in good shape does anybody now nothing about them?

  • David

    Looking for parts, red gas tank , passenger front tire, front driver side bumper , spoiler key, and plate protecter or engine cover for a 1970 Cox Vega funny car(Kammaback


      Hi David,

      We don’t have any spare parts…but if we may, EBAY is the place to look for parts, it is where we head to. If you do a search, when you get to the results page (search Cox Vega), up at the top is a “save search” button…click that and EBAY will email you whenever someone post up new sales….easiest way to keep track and you are always assured of grabbing something early. Thanks for visiting our site….

  • Frederick

    Forty four years ago today , December 3, 1972 I got a Vega Cox funny car for my birthday. I started it in the house. It was a transitive experience. It ran loud, hot, fuel residue spewed forth and the smoke burned my eyes. I took it to a three story window and almost threw it outside but I pulled the fuel line from the red tank. It finally turned off. From then on, I was always afraid of those Cox engines. I turned 12 on December 4, 1972. I’ll be. 56 this year.


      Hi Fred….I had almost the same experience with the Cox GTO line car…I was 12 when i first started it..scared the crap out of me and the car took off down the driveway, lol….don’t feel bad about 56, I turned 62 and am still messing with RC and slot cars…Thanks for visiting…

  • mike

    I have this car, did you get it restored? I would be interested in some pictures if you did. 😉

    I started it as a kid in the 1980s, but the gas tank was cracked so I could not do much except fill the gas line. It used to be my dads and looks to have came out a few years prior to me being born.



      Hi Mike….We did not restore it and it will stay as you see it in the pics….You have a great story, thanks for sharing and visiting

  • Dieter Faust


    Ihave the same car and a lot of other COX-Cars



  • Dieter Faust


    I can send you some Fotos, show me the way ?



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