Best One-Liner of the Month Award goes to….

The one-liner of the month award goes to the Brother in Law of our man room pal Jake. Seems Jake’s B-I-L was traveling to upstate NY and had just exited the Thru-Way in one of those little podunk towns.  As he exited the off ramp (perhaps a wee bit fast) he sees an officer of the law standing next to his cruiser on the side of the road.


The officer motions him over and walks up to his drivers side window and promptly growls “I’ve been waiting all day for you”.

Jake’s B-I-L looks up at him, and without breaking stride tells the officer “well, I got here as fast as I could”.


And for the best one liner we have heard in a long time, and certainly the best one we heard all month, Jake and his Brother-in-Law get a few choice cigars. (and BTW, our choice this week is the 5 Vegas gold from Cigar International)

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