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Ofna TiTan Twin Dual Nitro Engine Radio Control Monster Truck (Limited Edition)

The Ofna Titan Twin Beautiful Box Art

We thought you might enjoy looking at one of the coolest Remote Control Monster Trucks ever made. The OFNA 1/8th scale Twin Titan shocked the RC Monster Truck scene when it was introduced a few years back. This Limited Edition beauty was made with a special chromed chassis that was stamped with a serial number to remind everyone how exclusive they were. Word has it that only 1000 of the limited editions were made before switching to a standard non-chromed chassis.

The OFNA has many great features but the main standout feature is the .26 Twin Motors that produce 2.5 horsepower each.  Combined with the chromed dual exhausts the Twin Titan has a look to it that just can’t be duplicated in single engine trucks.

This truck is new in the box but we will get around to running it. But before we do, we are thinking of adding a pair of RB Innovations Superchargers.



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20 comments to Ofna TiTan Twin Dual Nitro Engine Radio Control Monster Truck (Limited Edition)

  • sal rosenberg

    i have a brand new titan i want to sell can you please tell me what it is worth there has never even been fuel in the motors thank you

    • fastharry.com


      If is NIB like ours, we have seen them go for as much as 700 on ebay..and it has to be one of the chrome chassis limited editions as ours is…they also made regular editions…and if it was us, we wouldn’t sell it for less then 500…though, since they don’t make dual engine trucks anymore it could be worth more than that too….

    • paul

      is it brand new if so i am interested please call me at 678 xxx xxxx

  • Jen

    I have one that is used but still looks great! If anyone is interested I am up for selling it asap! It is stamped with a serial no. Let me know if interested – $650 OBO.

    • fastharry.com

      Send us some pics..we will put the pics up on a readers rides page and let people know it is for sale and will give them your email if they are interested…

  • jasonstsi

    hi all. i was just going through some old issues of RC Car Action and came across the september 03′ issue where they did their first test drive with this and have liked this beautiful beast ever since. i have been thinking of getting one, but trying to find one that would be in nice condition or just finding one in general has been hard. Would any of ya know a good website aside of ebay to find used r/c’s? especially hard to find ones like this? thanks for any input.

    • fastharry.com

      Hi Jason..

      First off, Thanks for visiting out site. Have to be honest, the best place to find one is EBAY. If you visit RC sites, you don’t have the buyers protection that a sale/purchase on EBAY gives. But, if you don’t like EBAY, Check out RCuniverse.com or maybe this “wanted” forum on RCTCEH.net RC Tech also has a for sale forum. for sale forum..

      We are not selling ours at this time as it is most likely the only NIB Twin Titan left on the planet..

      Thanks again for writing fastharry.com

      If any of our readers have a twin titan for sale, let us know and we will pass along the info

  • jasonstsi

    well fast harry, i took your advice and just went straight to EBAY on a gut feeling that maybe now there would be a good one up for grabs, and sure enough i found a beaut!!!! the guy restored it all except for rear skid plate and the rims. it was begging me to get it at 500 bucks with the radio, so i got it lol. it’s on its way here as i type!! thanks for the info, now to get my t-maxx up and runnin so i can get the girlfriend out there enjoyin the fun with me. take care, and happy hobbying!!!

    • fastharry.com

      Hi Jason…Good For you. We saw that truck also. It looks nice. Here’s the thing on the OFNA Twins, and the reason we won’t sell ours. The chances are, no none will make a twin nitro again. With all the rush to brushless and lipo’s no one even wants to run nitro. BUT, there will always be people that do, and that whats makes the OFNA so unique and a good buy. It’s a piece of RC history. Even if you never run it, it is so cool to look at and people who see it, even if they know nothing about RC, love it.

      Let us know how it turns out. See if their is a serial number on it on the rear party of the chassis and let us know that too. If there is, it is one of a 1000 they first released which makes it even more special. Check out Youtube to hear one of the twin titans running. It’s awesome. Don’t use that body either. See if you can find another body to run it with or display. Having the original body helps retain value.

      The only thing we would watch out for is the clutch bell bearings. When OFNA first released the truck, the bearings were crappy and they were sending out oversize better bearings. We are sure since this truck was run it was most likely taken care of. If not, you can buy them if they give you trouble.

      Glad we could help. Let people know online that we helped you, even leave a link to the site if you can. We could always use good publicity, lol…Oh, if you are facebook, don’t forget to “like” our page.

      Again, stay in touch and let us know how it turns out.


  • sean martin

    Hi guys

    I just picked up a very near new ofna twin titan special edition with the origional box, radio, instructions, and glow stick; this truck looks new. It has the number stamped on the chrome chassis what it does not have is the origional body; how bad does that hurt the value????
    No kidding, if someone told me my truck only had a tank of fuel run time on it I would have to belive them, it is that clean.
    My big question is this, what do you think it is worth and where should I post it? Thanks for the help.


    • fastharry.com

      Morning Sean…

      You caught is before we leave to go picking for RC cars at local garage sales. We don’t think the body missing hurts the value at all. You can probably pick up an original Titan body off eBay…or even through OFNA. The value?…We bet if you put the truck on EBAY, you would get 500 to 700 dollars…We know that if we were to sell our NIB truck, the asking price would be 1100. Thanks for visiting fastharry.com. Let us know how the truck ends up.

  • Hi my name is Jose
    The reason I write I just recently got a ofna titan single engine truck on a trade it’s orange n black in real gd condition sitting in someone’s shelf for years 2 questions I have. What year was the truck made n how much is it if I wanted to sell

    • fastharry.com

      Hi Jose…Ofna Titans were made in the early 2000’s……Selling it for what it’s worth?….That depends…Nitro Trucks value depend on whether the engine turns over…starts and/or runs…and the overall condition of the truck running gear and condition including the electronics (servos, transmitter etc)…We would check that out first and them head to Ebay to look at completed sales. Thanks for visiting our site…

  • thanks i now know my twin titan ser#034455 is one of the group never run brand new and body new still have the decal inside.i had no idea.just a ole gearhead,la roadster #47 thank you bob

  • Anonymous

    Hy bos,,,i from malaysia,,,cant i buy ofna twin engine compleat set

  • mirko

    Ciao volevo sapere se lo hai ancora in vendita

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