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TOP TEN Reasons Why Gamers Will Choose The Sony PS4 Versus The Microsoft XBOX ONE

Here ya go PS4 weenies……



“Cloud services are not important to me, I’m happy to wait until 2014 for them on my PS4.”

“$50 a month to use Playstation’s inferior network? Sign me up!”

“I want to give Gamestop my money, getting $4 back for a $60 game matters a lot to me.”

“I want to buy video games on disks. Just like my music and movies.”

“Motion and voice control is dumb, the only way I like to use electronics is by pushing buttons.”

“Developers do not deserve my money, but I have a right to user their games any way I want.”

“Kinect will spy on me because aliens work with the government to create things like 9/11 and tornadoes.”

“I prefer to play video games alone, offline.”

“Real gamers need a Share button!”


And the Number #1 reason why gamers want a ps4?


“I don’t want Kinect to know I live in my moms basement


Thanks for being good sports Ps4 gamers! And thanks for visiting fastharry.com


Thanks To XBOX gamer Brendo and the crew at fastharry.com on Major Nelsons Forums

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