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Vintage Tamiya Mobil One Acura NSX Limited Edition Electric RC #58220

fastharry.com Tamiya Mobile One NSX Limited Edition # 58220

This has always been one of our favorite Tamiya Remote Controlled Cars. The Classic Mobil One NSX (#58220) in 1/10th scale was a very limited edition that featured some great options standard in the kit. The NSX uses the Tamiya TA-03R racing chassis. This chassis is a monocoque tub design molded in ABS plastic and features belt driven four wheel drive with front and rear gearboxes. The chassis also features 4 wheel independent wishbone suspension for great handling. Some of the hop ups included were the Type-A racing slicks, the longer rear wheel axles and the full ball bearing kit.

The body is molded in clear lexan and also features a highly detailed decal sheet.  But the reason we love having this car in our collection is that it is one of the few cars that Tamiya made that featured the PIAA livery and we display it with the other 3 PIAA cars that Tamiya produced (find the others on the site under Tamiya).

A Little History of the Mobil One NSX

Honda entered two of the NSX’s in the Japanese GT Car Championship in 1997. The chassis was made of aluminum while most of the body parts (front hood, fenders and doors) were made of carbon fiber for light weight.

In 1998 Honda entered four of the NSX’s at the Suzuka circuit and all four of these cars were highly refined from the previous year. The front and rear wings were modified as was the cars shape in the rear fender area, all in the interest  of improved aerodynamics. At the opening Suzuka race the NSX driven by Saturo Nakajima placed second. At the second race in the series, the NSX earned a first row qualifying start.  What was most impressive was that with the newly designed body the top speed  of the car with the non turbocharged 3.5 lited DOHC engine was actually greater then the turbocharged cars entered into the race.

The Tamiya NSX is an accurate reproduction of the 1998 car. If you look at the kits you can see the small tab wings that were added to the front spoiler in 1998 as well as the rear fender to rear bumper mods.

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