Kyosho RC,RC Cars Vintage Kyosho Icarus 2 wheel Drive Electric Radio Control Racing Buggy kysoho Icarus

This classic Kyosho Remote Control kit from the late 1980’s, The Icarus 2wd Racing Buggy, has to be one of the coolest looking buggies that Kyosho manufactured.  The sister car to the Kyosho Pegasus, It uses the same chassis with a few changes to the running gear. Even though it was a mid level racing kit it delivered high performance with several advanced features.

The Icarus featured:

  • Coil Spring Oil Filled shocks at all four corners
  • Gear type rear differential (true-type)
  • ABS Wheels
  • Semi-pneumatic tires
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Swing arm rear suspension

What we love about the Icarus is the full roll cage and thin front tires. Combined with the rear knobby tires The Icarus delivers that “Sand Rail” look. The entire car was manufactured with light weight in mind and that really helped deliver great performance on the racing track.

As you can see we own a NIB Icarus and a nice example for display that we are going to clean up and restore.

Click on the thumbnails to see the Icarus in full view.

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2 comments to Vintage Kyosho Icarus 2 wheel Drive Electric Radio Control Racing Buggy

  • Mike

    I have a NIB Icarus, but the instructions are in Japanese. I’m fairly intuitive and can probably figure it out. You wouldn’t happen to have English instructions you would be willing to .pdf to me?


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