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Vintage Kyosho Pegasus Electric Radio Control racing Buggy (2wd) Vintage Kyosho Pegasus Electric Radio Control racing Buggy (2wd)

The classic Remote Control 1/10th scale Kyosho Pegasus Racing Buggy introduced in the late 1980’s was the sister car to the Kyosho Icaurus. But this car is a little different in its design and standard features. For one, The Pegasus was equipped with a standard mabuchi 540 (larger) sized electric motor versus the 380 sized motor in the Icarus. Also, this car is equipped with friction type shock absorbers which are not as effective as the oil filled shocks that came standard on the Icarus. But what is interesting is that Kyosho offered 3 piece wheels on this buggy to achieve a slightly different look while still retaining the thin front wheel tire combo with big knobby tires in the rear classic sand rail stance.

The many features of the Pegasus are as follows:

  • 540 Powered Mabuchi   Style motor
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Swing Arm rear suspension
  • Gear Type “True” differential
  • Lightweight 3 piece ABS wheels
  • Tub Style chassis which allows any sized servo
  • Infinite Flex Pivot Style suspension system
  • All Pneumatic  rubber tires
  • Large front bumper for great crash protection

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2 comments to Vintage Kyosho Pegasus Electric Radio Control racing Buggy (2wd)

  • James

    I have one of the original Pegasus kits. Any idea where I can find new suspension wishbones and hardware? Trying to get this running again, but the knuckles keep popping loose. Thanks.


      Hi Jim..

      To be honest, your best bet is EBAY… fact, we would look for a cheap used runner and this way you could scavenge tons of parts from it.

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