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For Sale: Vintage Tamiya Monster Beetle RC (Radio Control) #58060 and Tamiya Monster Beetle Body Kit


For Sale: Vintage Tamiya White Body Monster Beetle RC (Radio Control) Kit #58060 and Tamiya Monster Beetle Body Kit Tamiya Monster Beetle 58060 For Sale

Here’s your chance to own of the first 100 Tamiya collectible vintage classics. Purchased on Ebay about 10 years ago and approx 24 years old, they are part of the large RC collection featured on

This is your chance to get an extraordinary piece of Tamiya history.

An original White Body Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 Rc Kit AND, something you never see offered for sale anywhere, an original Tamiya White Body Monster Beetle body kit. White Body Monster Beetles are the rarest and were part of the first production runs. Later Monster Beetles were red molded plastic.

Both kits have been in our possession over 9 years and have been stored in a smoke free room.

The way you see the items is the way they were purchased at the time. Both boxes are a little rough with creasing and soiling over the covers and bottoms and sides. The Kit White box is does show a little age and is not perfectly pristine white. One side has a small piece of tape on it with a small crease also. If you need more pics, let us know. The kits inside are fine with sealed bags. The body in the 58060 kit has some slight markings/soiling on it from rubbing the kit box. All  vintage Tamiya kits suffer from this from the way they were packed, BTW.



 SOLD!…You guys gotta pay attention, ya missed a great kit!..Write us for details about shipping and payment details.



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