New Product! Rock Band 3 Guitar Accessories For The Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 Guitar Accessories For The Xbox 360

We are ready to announce the coolest Rock Band 3 accessories for the Xbox 360 you have ever seen. The first accessory is for the XBox 360 Rock Band 3 guitar… read more


Help All Hobbyists: Urgent Notice – Your Immediate Action Is Needed

The crew at are big fans of Tower Hobbies for all our hobby needs. We just received an email from them that could eventually affect all of us in the Radio Control and Rocket Hobby. Here is what the email stated:


Many people are concerned with new government regulations that are designed to limit our hobby industry. You’ve probably heard about the new FAA regulations limiting our use of R/C airplanes and proposed shipping bans for R/C batteries.

New regulations are being considered regarding model rocket motors. This may not immediately impact your particular hobby but it’s just another step toward regulation of materials used in hobbies and deserves your attention.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently advised read more


Cox .049 GTP Nissan Vintage Radio Control Car Cox .049 GTP Nissan

Cox Imsa .049 GTP RC Car

We love showing this beautiful example of a really cool vintage rc car. This classic Cox 049 GTP Nissan was manufactured read more


Best One-Liner of the Month Award goes to….

The one-liner of the month award goes to the Brother in Law of our man room pal Jake. Seems Jake’s B-I-L was traveling to upstate NY and had just exited the Thru-Way in one of those little podunk towns.  As he exited the off ramp (perhaps a wee bit fast) he sees an officer of the law standing next to his cruiser on the side of the road.

read more


In The Humidor at

In The Humidor at will feature our favorite cigar sticks

The crew at enjoys lighting up a fine cigar and we are going to let you know what our favorite cigar sticks are. Stay tuned as we post reviews of our favorites.

RC Cars

What you should bring to the RC (Radio Control) Racing Track

This article was written by Glenn Cauley ( and used with permission), an RC racer who is a great guy. Glenn is into Motorcycle racing now, but I have found this article to be invaluable in prepping for an RC race. It was written about 8 years ago and  I have also added a few things as time went by, and you are welcome to add items in comments and I will amend the article.


Important RC Items

Car – ready to race read more


See your RC car on

Be the envy of all your friends! Thats right boys and girls… is gonna start a “readers rides” page.. Send us a pic, makes sure it is in focus, interesting, and comes with a description (brand, RC gear inside, who did the paint, etc.)

read more

Uncategorized HPI Challenge HPI Super Nitro

This is our HPI Challenge Super Nitro which has been in the A main of every HPI Challenge we have raced in.  Check out the updated post with pics and details HERE A Main HPI Super Nitro RC Car

Uncategorized Tamiya Road Wizard Formula 01 #58053

We have updated and created a new post with pics and info. Find it here  Thanks!


HPI RC Enters The Short Course Wars With A HPI Blitz ESE

check out the pics and stay tuned for a tips and building page.

This is how your wiring should look




We love to do box art for our first body



RC Cars

Tamiya Vintage Mazda 787B 1991 LeMans Winner #58102 (Renown Livery) Tamiya Mazda 787B Lemans winner #58102

This vintage Tamiya  Mazda 787B 1991 Le Mans winner with Renown livery RC car is one of our favorites. It shares read more


Serpent RC Car Centax clutch setup versions 2 and 3 centax clutch gap

Building and Setting Up the Centax-2 and Centax-3 Clutches

used with permission from author Glenn Cauley

read more


Serpent RC Car Centax 1 set up

Building and Setting Up the Centax-1 Clutch

Used with permission from the author Glenn Cauley
Linked to:
Centax Clutch 38mm (w/o clutchhousing)

Centax clutch setup in nitro touring cars remains a bit of a mystery to many, especially read more


Great driving tip

The most important thing in racing ANY cars is to know you or the car will never be fastest EVERYWHERE on the track. Learn the parts or corners where you are the fastest and tune your car to be even faster through that section and drive the slower parts as well as you can. Be consistent, stay out of traffic, don’t crash and you will be on the podium more often than not.

RC Cars

Vintage Tamiya Mobil One Acura NSX Limited Edition #58220 Tamiya Mobile One NSX Limited Edition # 58220

This has always been one of our favorite Tamiya Remote Controlled Cars. The Classic Mobil One NSX (#58220) in 1/10th scale was a very limited edition that read more

For Sale

For Sale: Vintage Radio Control 1/12th scale Kyosho Heavy Metal Monster Tank Car Crusher


Kyosho Heavy Metal Monster Tank Car Crusher

This vehicle has been sold!


The classic Kyosho Heavy Metal Monster Tank Car Crusher was introduced by Kyosho in 1991 and read more


Radio Control Car and Truck Videos from racing  HPI RS4 Supernitro’s at the 2002 HPI Challenge

please visit YouTube to get all the details on the race racing Kyosho Mini Z’s at Cruizin’ with RC’s in Waldwick NJ

60 Radio Control Cars in 60 Seconds….

For Sale

For Sale: Vintage Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor with Plow (orange wheel edition)

Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor With Plow

This vehicle is For Sale$1300.00



The 1/12th  Kyosho Blizzard DX Caterpillar Tractor was the first in the line up of treaded tractors that read more

Kyosho RC

fastharry™ Kyosho Nitro Blizzard Snow Cat (QRC Transmission) Kyosho Nitro Blizzard

This is a Kyosho Nitro Blizzard, and is powered by a Kyosho GS11x Nitro motor. It features read more


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